Insurance Claim Investigations

By discreetly checking a claimant’s activities and behavior‚ we shed light on your situation and accordingly‚ determine the extent of the claimant’s physical limitations. Let a Licensed Private Investigator help you uncover the truth with the necessary expertise and equipment to accurately confirm the legitimacy or fraudulence of the claim. Using state–of–the–art equipment‚ we can provide undetected surveillance even inside of public buildings. Our tenacious Investigators conduct detailed analyses of files from claimants on long–term disability or worker’s compensation‚ identifying potentially fraudulent cases. Through surveillance‚ our Investigators can provide a report of disqualifying evidence‚ which serves as the basis for terminating benefits or to support or dispute legal challenges. Our office works with insurance companies‚ risk management and employers to investigate workers compensation claims. We investigate these claims to determine if in fact an employee has faked or exaggerated any injuries‚ has unreported income or employment at a second job and/or multiple claims under multiple identities.


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