Advantages of Using Private Process Servers

Advantages of Using Private Process Servers

As part of our legal system, we rely on Service of Process (SOP) in most civil cases and in some criminal proceedings. It ensures due process to those parties affected. SOP is implemented to give legal notice to a person/entity of a Court, Tribunal or administrative body’s exercise of its jurisdiction over that person/entity. This enables those served to respond to the legal proceedings taking place.

It is critical to perfect service with competent and effective process serving agents in a timely manner. By using Private Process Servers rather than the Sheriffs, Constables, Bailiffs or Marshals, you are at a distinct advantage in perfecting solid service over your Defendants, Respondents, Witnesses, etc. Here’s why.

Private Process Servers are specialized.

Private Process Servers work around the clock.

Private Process Servers are up to speed with technology.

Private Process Servers are dedicated, motivated and make service their priority.

Private Process Servers are agile and work directly with clients.

At Northshore Process our core business is the Service of Legal Process. We are acutely aware that more often than not process serving requires to be undertaken at antisocial hours and accordingly, our Process Servers frequent residential addresses out of working hours and irrespective of holidays and/or weekends in order to produce solid results for our clients. We use state of the art technology and equipment to meet our clients’ requirements and we do NOT face budget constraints and dwindling resources. Because our livelihoods as Private Process Servers depend on executing process, we will NOT be pulled in other directions with other tasks nor will we be at Dunkin Donuts while your documents are expiring. We depend on your repeat business and referrals. Furthermore, we will NOT make just a half-hearted attempt but rather multiple due diligence attempts if necessary. Thus, as Private Process Servers working harder, longer, faster and smarter, usually in partnership with our clients, we have the higher success rate. The end result is faster and larger settlements and judgments.

Discounts are available for large volumes and bulk work. All services are conducted with the utmost level of confidentiality, sensitivity and professionalism exceeding any expectations.


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