Background Investigations (Civil, Criminal, State, Federal, International)

We offer nationwide background checks for all types of uses and scenarios including: tenant screening‚ pre–marital spouse‚ pre–employment screening‚ nanny checks‚ personal background checks‚ etc. From a brief sketch to an in–depth history of a person or other entity‚ our background investigations are revealing and thorough for your peace of mind. A general check can be performed in a day. It first verifies the identity and date of birth. We then determine if the person has a criminal record‚ is involved in any lawsuits‚ reputation‚ etc. We can also determine Social Security Number (we give out a person’s SSN only to attorneys on a need–to–know basis); address history‚ relatives‚ associates and neighbors. Do not regret anything later. Get the edge and really know who you are dealing with by calling us now!


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