Global Process Services

The Hague Convention is the main method of providing international service of process. However‚ this system is far more complicated than simply filling out a form. It is important to be familiar with the regulations of the receiving country in order to achieve effective Hague Convention service. For example‚ some countries require that the requesting authority has to be a judicial official or clerk of the Court. For others‚ it may be a specialized legal professional. Therefore‚ Northshore can serve as your requesting authority in many instances. Northshore Process has the knowledge and experience to handle your Hague Convention matters promptly‚ knowledgeably‚ and cost–effectively. We can handle your international service of process needs‚ from Hague Service Convention matters‚ Inter–American Convention matters‚ letters rogatory‚ through complex service requirements‚ even where no treaty or diplomatic relations exist at all.

With a replete network of global operatives‚ Northshore has experience in dealing with international legal protocols as well as a diverse team with an appreciation of foreign legal cultures. Whether your matter is governed by treaty‚ statute or requires an innovative‚ custom–designed solution‚ we are able to help guide matters of international procedures confidently‚ quickly‚ and cost–effectively.


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