Missing Person Investigations

On any given day in the U.S.‚ nearly a hundred thousand people are listed as officially missing. Many more are unofficially missing as well. This poses a vast challenge to law enforcement who do the best they can with their limited resources and budgets. Police wait a certain amount of time to begin looking for a missing person and stop looking after a certain period of time. They will declare the case cold if unsolved. Anyone who needs urgent answers needs to speak to a Private Investigator. Our Licensed PIs will start looking for someone as soon as you feel uneasy and will continue to search as long as you need answers. We offer a first class Missing Person Investigation Service! Attorneys‚ families and others depend on us as we have a highly successful track record of finding that elusive person who seems to have vanished and is nowhere to be found. We also work on cold cases which have been archived by the police for quite a while. By interviewing witnesses‚ examining areas of importance and looking for traces of evidence‚ our specialists are often able to find the missing person. Call us to discuss our Missing Person Investigation services.


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