Pre-Employment Screenings

Whether you are hiring a new worker‚ office professional or key personnel‚ it is critical to have insight about their history on record. Our investigations can customize the right pre–employment and continuing employment background checks for your organization. We provide multi–state‚ state‚ county‚ federal criminal records searches‚ National Sex Offender Registry records‚ Department of Corrections records searches‚ SSN verification‚ history‚ civil records‚ bankruptcy‚ judgment‚ liens‚ evictions‚ government sanctions records (OFAC‚ DDTC‚ AECA‚ BIS‚ GSA)‚ professional license verification‚ previous employment verification‚ reference checks and much‚ much more! We verify everything the applicant claims as to past experience‚ educational qualifications and professional affiliations. This includes the person’s full legal name‚ address‚ address history‚ education‚ employment history and references. One thing at Northshore we watch out for is a continuity of dates. Ultimately‚ we can help ensure your candidate is a good fit for a crucial position and help you make the most informed decisions on personnel.


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