With decades of experience‚ this is one of our areas of specialty. Our expert surveillance techniques‚ equipment and extensive experience make all the difference in achieving solid results. Whether you are looking to investigate how a subject spends time‚ serve process or simply conduct an activity check‚ we are creative and flexible in getting the answers you need.

To Confirm Fraud/Misconduct

In Workers Compensation‚ FMLA‚ theft and other claim cases‚ our investigations can expose dishonesty and abuse or confirm valid claims.

To Monitor Job Sites

Our operatives watch for material theft‚ vendor overbilling of time‚ compliance and more.

To Establish Lifestyle

For cases involving the decision to pursue litigation or collect on a judgment‚ knowing how an individual lives – employment‚ residence‚ financial status and community position can be a key to your strategy.

Video and photographic surveillance can help you secure the evidence you need to prove your case. We provide a wide range of first–rate surveillance services including single and multiple operative surveillance‚ stationary and mobile surveillance as well as unmanned surveillance.


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